Know how 3D technology has spread around the world - 3D Technology 101: An Overview of 3D Technology in Cinemas

3D Technology 101: An Overview of 3D Technology in Cinemas


The technology of 3D is one of the latest developments in the cinema industry, technology which has outperformed all other advanced technologies. The reason for that? Cinema audiences are directly interacting with and enjoying the rich technology. Adding more depth to the film, drawing the viewer closer so that they can truly discover the world of fantasy films, making it more spectacular, beautiful and entertaining.

Diffusion of rich technology

Diffusion of rich technology - 3D Technology 101: An Overview of 3D Technology in Cinemas
Some believe that IMAX technology used in filmmaking, its positive effects outweigh the effects of the use of 3D technology, and this may be true. IMAX was later released with 3D technology, so it is certainly more sophisticated and offers more fun for the viewer, but we must not lose sight of the point of rich technology.

IMAX technology offers the public a bigger, more accurate, and higher-quality picture. However, it requires a specially designed movie theater. The IMAX needs a 22-by-16-inch wide display, along with some projection machines and a stereo sound system and it may require a particular monitor. But with standard theater measurements, in conjunction with needing 3D glasses, which are cheap and available at theaters worldwide, rich technology is the most widespread in the world, far ahead of its first competitor, IMAX.

Third and Third Dimension Technology

Third and Third Dimension Technology - 3D Technology 101: An Overview of 3D Technology in Cinemas
The technique of richness makes us see the film without the mediation of the screen, that is, we see the objects on the screen as if in front of us directly, thanks to rich technology that gives the image depth and embodiment. In the past, when we were watching films, we were watching only distant, the first dimension displays length and the second displays presentation, and then came rich technology to add the third dimension, being depth, and this is what we know today as 3D cinema technology.

Brain Image Configuration

Brain Image Configuration - 3D Technology 101: An Overview of 3D Technology in Cinemas
Rich HD technology is a visual trick. The film itself has only two-dimensional images, and this is what we will see if we watch one of the films without the use of the special 3D glasses. With these glasses, these two images become three dimensional and become deeper and more beautiful. How does that happen?

The creators of rich technology applied the same way the human eye works to the big screen. We do not see the same picture with both eyes, but there are some slight differences. Each eye captures the same image from a relatively different angle. As a result, the brain receives two different images each time, which combines to get a three-dimensional image, with two relatively different images of different colors.

The viewer of a 3D HD film wears special glasses responsible for separating the two images. Each lens of the glasses captures a specific image of the two images. The viewer, therefore, watches two pictures throughout the film, without knowing it, as these two images are merged within the brain in one image.

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