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3D Places are everywhere, check from here

3D Places

3D Places - 3D Places are everywhere, check from here
Three Dimensional is the common name that refers to a space that has three dimensions of depth, height, width, and height. In spatial geometry, it is defined as a branch of mathematics that looks at the properties of shapes and shapes in space such as the sphere and the pyramid.

The three-dimensional technology revolution in this era has become a product of modern TVs three-dimensional and is one of the hallmarks of this technology is available with these devices three-dimensional programming is keeping pace with the increase in the production of three-dimensional films and cables.


The way these devices work:

    1. The lenses fixed with the glasses to block the vision of the left eye first and then about the right eye and left and so on
    2. This happens with the TV set as it switches between the left and right images on its own with two different angles.
  1. This switching process is very fast so that the brain can view the angles at the same time and then watch the three-dimensional image.


Active 3D dimensions

Active 3D dimensions - 3D Places are everywhere, check from here
Which offers a three – dimensional experience suitable for viewing in the home and the technical second, which is the dimensions of the triangular negative, which uses glasses, which divide the accuracy between both eyes on 1080, while modern glasses allow to watch the TV at a high accuracy of 1080 pixel full of both eyes.

When 3D content is played on a negative 3D TV, the screen shows black, black lines from the top of the gauze to the bottom, but an active 3D technology does not have these problems and offers a great 3D image.


To see a clear and wonderful 3D image you must have:

  1. A TV equipped with 3D technology or a projector equipped with three-dimensional technology is the LCD, LED, HDTV, one of the best television equipment that is characterized by great depth and high accuracy.
  2. The 2-blu-ray player equipped with 3D technology, high-resolution cable, and high-resolution satellite receiver. P
  3. Content of three – dimensional movies or the existence of channels specialized in the presentation of these films can be seen through prepayment. Such as custom channels in the Showtime network
  4. 3D glasses 3D displays cannot be seen without them.


There are two popular types of 3D glasses for home use:

  • Active 3D glasses
  • Negative 3D glasses.

The glasses must be from the same TV brand as the ownership of the 3D technology varies by manufacturer, and therefore may not be compatible with the glasses purchased from another company.

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6 Tips to make your own 3D Glasses


The human body has two eyes that help it to see the objects around it with a stereoscopic vision, that is, it is able to describe the dimensions, size and depth of the body with finite precision. However, this precision decreases as the distance between the object and the eye increases, and the ability to determine the depth and dimensions of certain objects when used for one eye, or when a weakness or abnormality occurs in one eye.

Scientists note that the stereoscopic vision of the human eye depends on the distance between the eyes and the 5 cm, allowing each eye to see the objects around the perspective of different than what the second eye, so the brain works to merge the resulting images and obtain a three-dimensional image, What happens when the production of three-dimensional films, where the director uses two cameras to film the scene of all dimensions, and then merge the images with each bite, and the work of three-dimensional glasses in the chapter of the images shown and allow each eye to receive a particular image of them, and then the brain to merge Hat N images to produce a three-dimensional image.


How to make 3D glasses?

To make 3D glasses you must prepare the following tools:

  • Pencil
  • Cardboard in white or black
  • Sharp scalpel
  • Plastic reinforced and transparent colorless
  • Sharp cutting machine such as scalpel
  • Wide red and blue crayon pen
  • Transparent adhesive tape
  • The colored cellophane paper is blue and the other is colored in red.



  1. Use the pencil, draw the shape of the glasses on a cardboard size of the appropriate size, and then empty the glasses using the scalpel sharp, and empties the place of the lenses in a rectangular and identical size in both directions.
  2. Use the sharp scalpel, two lenses are cut in a rectangular form of transparent plastic, provided they are a few millimeters larger than the size of the lens vacuum in the glasses, to facilitate gluing.
  3. Color one of the two lenses resulting from the previous step by red coloring from one of its sides, and color the second lens by the blue color in the same way.

4-Using the adhesive tape, the lenses are pasted on their inner blanks on the inside of the glasses, provided that the colored side is internally oriented and that the adhesive tape is on the outside of the lens and not on the middle or on the inner sides.

  1. Cut the red Cellophane paper with a size that corresponds to the size of the red lens and paste it over the colored side of the red lens using the adhesive tape and pasting it on the outside of the lens.
  2. The blue-blue paper is cut to a size identical to the size of the blue lens, pasted in the same way, so the 3D glasses are ready for use.

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4 Simple Advice’s while start draw 3d Drawings

How to draw a three-dimensional shot

Drawing is one of the most important activities for the right half of the brain, which is the part responsible for imagination, creativity, innovation, understanding of beauty and music. The other half is responsible for arithmetical, logical and linguistic matters, and the fact that there is no human being with half a brain. Drawing or focusing on one of the creative activities in the free time, where the study in most schools of the world focused on the left half of the brain, so it is better to draw and encourage children drawing to develop the two sides together and to make the painting looks three-dimensional and depth to appear more realistic, Or coal or b Any other materials.


To draw, follow these tips:

  1. Make sure that the outer lines of the drawing are correct and non-volatile. Draw them with confidence and precision. If you are a beginner, you can draw a drawing or a reference image so that the fonts are drawn. And then at least until you get used to drawing and start drawing the lines yourself without the need to lips, and then without the need to even a reference image and rely on memory and imagination, and that does not come talent, as many think, but a lot of practice.
  2. If you have noticedcartoon shapes in the stories of kids , you would find them more flat, and do not have that many shadows in order to avoid getting a cartoon shape.
  3. It should also be noted that the shadow is darker near the body, and becomes lighter whenever it is away from the body or shape until it fades, and if the body surfaces different and in different shapes must imagine the beam of light when touching those surfaces based on the light rays going in straight lines, The surfaces near the direct light rays are lighter and the surfaces that are lighter or deeper inside the shape are darker.
  4. One of the actions that you must avoid if you are drawing a realistic drawing, are the outer lines, that appear in the films clearly of the cartoon, but the formshave to be a single unit that is divided from the inside lines clear and sharp, or that the shape is defined by external lines around him, but must be Fonts are lighter so no one sees them, and you have to rely on the gradient of shadows to show the surfaces of the shape instead of separating them with clear lines such as cartoon films.

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Know how 3D technology has spread around the world


The technology of 3D is one of the latest developments in the cinema industry, but this technology has outperformed all other advanced technologies. This is one main reason: the cinema audience is directly interacting with and enjoying the rich technology and does not belong to the list of technologies “Cinema Secrets”, such as those used to make tricks and the manufacture of monsters and mythological battles, but it only makes the film is more deep and close, so that the viewer with them into the heart of the world of fantasy films, making it more spectacular, beautiful and entertaining


Diffusion of rich technology:

Diffusion of rich technology - Know how 3D technology has spread around the world
Some believe that IMAX technology used in filmmaking, its positive effects outweigh the effects of the use of 3D technology, and this may be true. IMAX was later released on the 3D technology, so it is certainly more sophisticated and offers more fun for the viewer, but we must not lose sight of the point of the rich technology, which is the rapid spread and enable the availability of the masses in different countries.

IMAX technology offers the public a bigger, more accurate, and higher-quality picture. However, it requires a specially designed movie theater. The IMAX needs a 22-by-16-inch wide display, along with some projection machines and a stereo sound system. It may require a particular monitor, but with the same standard measurement, next to the 3D glasses, which are cheap and available as a display, the richer technology is the most widespread in the world, far ahead of its first competitor, IMAX.


Third and Third Dimension Technology:

Third and Third Dimension Technology - Know how 3D technology has spread around the world
The technique of richness makes us see the film without the mediation of the screen, that is, we see the objects on the screen as if in front of us directly, thanks to what the rich technology gives the image of depth and embodiment. In the past when we were watching the films we were watching only distant, the first dimension is after the length and the second after the presentation, and then came the technology of the rich to add the third dimension is the depth, and this is a secret called 3D cinema technology, and thus became a movie picture is like real pictures.


Brain Image Configuration:

Brain Image Configuration - Know how 3D technology has spread around the world
The technology of the rich, first and last, is a visual trick. The film itself has only two-dimensional images, and this is what we will see if we watch one of the films without the use of the special 3D glasses. With these glasses, these two images become three dimensional and become deeper and more beautiful. How does that happen?!

The creators of the technique of richness follow in the way the human eye works. We do not see the same picture with both eyes, but there are some slight differences. Each eye captures the same image from a relatively different angle. As a result, the brain receives two different images each time, which combines the three-dimensional film, with two relatively different images of different colors. The viewer is wearing the special glasses responsible for separating the two images. Each lens of the glasses captures a specific image of the two images, And N then the viewer throughout the film for watching two pictures without knowing it, as these two images are merged within the brain in one image.

threedimensional 3d technology market by products 3d printing 3d glasses 3d cameras 3d displays 5315ca0b6ea62 w1500 - Know how 3D technology has spread around the world
Infographic by: www.visual.com

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You can Start 3d Drawings after 60 seconds


Draw - You can Start 3d Drawings after 60 seconds
One of the most popular types of drawing is 2D drawing, where the artist uses the two dimensions of the projection and the pictorial (height) at the Cartesian level to draw his paintings, but in the past few years, the expression or concept of 3D painting has emerged. The artist uses a third dimension in addition to the dimensions of the height and width in the drawing, which is dimension A or Z (height), working on deceiving your sight so that the painting looks like a real object of its length, width, and height, and will not realize that it is only a drawing on a wall or paper or street only when approaching it And sensitivity.


3D drawing

3D drawing - You can Start 3d Drawings after 60 seconds
The three-dimensional drawing is one of the easiest types of painting but differs slightly from other types of painting,because you have to take care of some things:


1. Shade Place:

Even if you can draw a three-dimensional shape, you have to determine where the sun or light comes from in general to know where the shadow of the shape you intend to paint will be.

2. Sizes of the original painting:

You must know that the three-dimensional drawing is not drawn in the same proportions as the original shape since the real dimensions and sizes are not used in the painting.


3. The angle of view and the angle of drawing:

You have to know that the angle of view of the shape is not the angle of drawing, there are two famous angles of the three-dimensional drawing 45 and 30 degrees for the third dimension (height) from the surface of the paper or place of drawing, so you can draw a three-dimensional image you have to consider at a 90-degree angle.

There are several types of 3D drawing, either manually using a pen, brush or any drawing tool known, or using a computer through Paint, Photoshop, AutoCAD and other drawing programs.

There are a lot of online sites to teach the three-dimensional drawing, and there are also a lot of courses that are held on YouTube to teach the three-dimensional drawing just search for them.

Always when you want to learn something there is no easy way to do it, but you always have to work hard and perseverance and strive to achieve your dream to learn what you want, and this applies to learning 3D drawing.

In this article, I gave you an overview of the 3D drawing, and some tips on 3D drawing and this are the most I can teach you; because learning 3D drawing needs first to talent in drawing but talent alone is not enough. It needs persistence and desire. Learning.


Post Author: Ricky Brown